RX-78GP04G Gundam Gerbera/
AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra

Following the One Year War, the Federal Forces commissioned Anaheim Electronics to create a number of highly advanced mobile suit prototypes based on the highly successful RX-78-2 Gundam, this was known as the 'Gundam Development Project'. RX-78GP01 'Zephyranthes' Gundam and RX-78GP02A 'Physalis' Gundam were rolled out in UC0083 and RX-78GP02A (which was equiped with a nuclear warhead) was almost immediately stolen by Zeon remnents under the command of Admiral Delaz. The RX-78GP04G 'Gerbera' Gundam was intended as a space-use version of the RX-78GP01, but production was halted early, and the space mobile suit roll was filled with an upgrade for the RX-78GP01 (the RX-78GP01-Fb Full Vernian 'Zephyranthes' Gundam). Former Zeon engineers took the incomplete RX-78GP04G and partially redesigned it to appear more 'Zeon'. After the outbreak of the Delaz Conflict, Anaheim would turn over this new 'Gerbera Tetra' to Zeon Lieutenant Colonel Cima Garahau, in an attempt to play both sides (which would shortly become an Anaheim tradition, continuing all the way through the Second Neo Zeon War in UC0093).

This is my first Gundam Fix Figuration and I have to say, I'm impressed. I don't know what this thing is made of (feels like some sort of plastic-ceramic or something), but it feels extremely solid, the joints are all pretty tight, too. Being a Fix Figuration, there were no stickers to apply or panel lines to draw, it looks exactly like it's supposed to right out of the box. The antenna at the back of the Gundam head was very bent out of the box, which was fairly annoying, but it doesn't look too bad, at least the V-antenna remained straight. Transforming to the Gerbera Tetra is a fairly simple process, mostly just snap-on armor. Some of the bits on the arms didn't hold as well as I would have liked, so you couldn't really play with it in that mode, but it still works very well as a display piece. The only thing that gave me real trouble was the shield, which used a peg that went into the arm that seemed a little too big, once you do get it in, though, that sucker holds extremely well. Overall, I'm very impressed with the Fix Figuration line, I have never held a finer action figure.