MSA-003 Nemo

Designed by Anaheim Electronics, the MSA-003 Nemo was specifically developed as replacements for the Anti-Earth Union Group's stolen Federation GM II's. Like the GM II, the Nemo is a cost effective grunt mobile suit, given to unproven pilot trainees like Katz Kobayashi and Fa Yuiry. While the Nemo was faster and more maneuverable than the GM II, it was still far less powerful than the A.E.U.G.'s other mass produced mobile suit, the Rick Dias, which went to veteran pilots. Nemos would see action in almost every major battle of the Gryps War, though almost all would be wiped out by the end of the war.

In Progress:


Though I don't usually go for GM-variants, I'm rather fond of the Nemo. The placement of the yellow chest vents always make it look like it's rather unhappy with its lot in life, which makes sense considering whenever they were onscreen they were usually being blown up. Anyway, this long overdue Master Grade kit was released just in time to cash in on the recent Zeta Gundam compilation movies. Much like the mobile suit it's based on, this kit is pretty barebones. It has no special transformations or giant beam cannons, just a straightforward skeleton, beam rifle, shield, and beam sabers. This is actually a nice break after working with the quite complicated Zeta Gundam version 2.0 last month. The only problem I had during the building phase was with the hydraulic bits. On other kits (like the Nu Gundam and original Gundam) I would paint the piston portion silver before putting it together and never had any trouble. But with the Nemo, the fit is so tight that after painting I could barely force them together. I wound up having to scrape off as much paint as I could but even then it winds up pretty stiff. Still, it's a very fixable issue. The detailing phase went smoothly, the green color isn't so dark that panel lines are a non-issue. If you're a Nemo fan or just want a simple, cheap, solid kit I can safely say that this is the kit for you.