RGZ-91 Refine Zeta Gundam (ReGZ)

The ReGZ was designed as a Zeta Gundam version of the GM (which, of course, was based on the original Gundam), however it was deemed too costly to mass produce and only one unit was ever made. This unit was assigned to the Londo Bell unit and was piloted by Amuro Ray and Kayra Sue during the Second Neo Zeon War in UC 0093.

This kit was given to me as a very thoughtful gift shortly after I became a fan of Yutaka Izubuchi's mecha designs (featured in Gundam 0080 and Char's Counterattack). On the backpack the beam sabers are hidden in two small compartments right above the main engines. When you open the one of the compartment, a nifty little mechanism pushes the saber out far enough for easy removal. Due to the design of the ReGZ's beam sabers (a 'T' shape) there are two sets, the open set (active beam saber) and the closed set (the two prongs on the 'T' folded up together, for storage). One downside of the kit's design is the rear skirt armor, which is one solid piece. It tends to get in the way of poses with wider stances and winds up falling off due to the very small polycap it connects too. On my side of things, I don't think I got the panel lines (especially on the leg) quite dark enough, my fine tip Gundam pen was being a bit problematic that day. Also, I used the green stickers the kit comes with for the auxiliary cameras on top of the head and in back. Normally I avoid those things, but normally (for the top camera, at least) the kit uses a translucent piece which I paint all green except for the part that actually faces outward, making for a nice translucent green effect (much like the eyes). But on this kit that area was just light blue, and since I know how well I can paint in fine lines, I figured the sticker would look best. And honestly, the front camera doesn't look that bad, it's the back one that looks a little weird.